A 25mm Temple City: Part 4

Well, this week was a long and busy one to say the least. Therefor, I didn’t get much done in the way of painting. For the sake of not leaving you guys post-less this week though, I was able to get one miniature whipped up and ready for the table top. It actually belongs to my favorite family of soldiers, the Standard Bearer! It’s not much when looking back on the week since my Skinks first saw battle, but I figured it would be better than nothing.

As you guys can see, not much new to explain here. Same basic paint scheme as everything else, but with a standard added.

The stone standard is just a grey of my own making with a wash of Badab black. Nothing special. Just simplicity at its finest(I’m gonna go back and do a lot more to it. I was just running out of some essential paints and inspiration).

I’m hoping to get a significantly larger amount of painting done in this upcoming week, so keep posted for more to come. Until next time, happy wargaming!



~ by oldbloodalex on February 10, 2012.

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