A 25mm Temple City: Part 3

After a few days spend revamping my color scheme, I’m finally caught up and ready for some new project releases. Today’s post will be featuring the the soft and squishy little artisans of Lustria.. Skinks! Skinks are probably my personal favorite servant of the old ones, and for good reason. They may not be as strong as the Saurus, but they are smart, cunning, and responsible for the handling of all of the Lustrian monsters employed in battle by the Lizardmen. Rather then using just one for my post, I painted up 4 Skink Skirmishers since they are rather small and quick to paint.

As you can see, they follow the same general scheme as the Saurus do. That means that this is going to be more of a showcasing post, rather than a tutorial on how I painted them. For this reason, I am going to keep this post short and sweet. Skinks are pretty damn small and simple, so I don’t really see a need for 3 differently angled shots. The only real new thing I added was some Hormagaunt Purple for tongue and other oral matter. I decided on this color after looking up some pictures of real skinks on Google. I did however add some blue to it, along with a wash in order to give it some extra depth.

And here we are! All 4 Skinks ready to do battle in the humid depths of the Lustrian jungle. I know it wasn’t much today, but thank you all for checking out today’s post anyway. As usual, all advice, thoughts, or constructive criticism is always appreciated. Until part 4, enjoy rest of your day/night my fellow wargamers!



~ by oldbloodalex on January 31, 2012.

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