A 25mm Temple City: Part 2

Well, today’s post was going to be about my Skink Skirmishers, but there has been a change of plans. Last night I got to thinking about my color scheme. As I essessed my work, I decided that it wasn’t going to be my scheme going forward for a few reasons. One: while I got the color scheme from a red and blue poison dart frog, I just don’t think tropical when I see it. Two: the more I stare at it, the more it begins to look like some cheesy red, white and blue patriotic design with that Bleached Bone. Three: I’m just far more partial to bright/cool colors. Therefore, I have painted up another Temple Guard in order to showcase my new scheme. This is a scheme that I thought about before, but kind of forgot about. Without further adieu, let us begin!

As you can see, much of the paint scheme is the same, aside from the skin and scales. I felt that an Ice Blue for the skin would give it a more tropical look, especially after toning it down with some Asurman Blue wash. On top of that, I think the gold looks far less intrusive when along side brighter colors, rather than darker blues, and especially reds.

I also found that the bone pieces looked much better on more brightly colored miniatures. Don’t worry either guys, that severed human head is going to look a lot better soon enough. All of my flesh tone paints are currently making their way to me via postage(along with flocking for the bases). I also had to change up the eye color seeing as the old one would now match my Lizzies’ skin color. To avoid this, I just changed the eye color to a darker red to give it better contrast quality.

The scales were just swapped over to Scorpion Green, which I felt complimented the Ice Blue rather well. I gave it a darker wash to get down in between the scales, but I’m waiting on doing the highlighting until some of the necessary paints to arrive in the mail. This is just an “Almost done, but still kind of a WIP” post aimed at getting all of your opinions on the scheme.

Last but not least, is the customary in-action shot. So back to the well paved jungles of Lustria we go! As usual, all advice, thoughts, or constructive criticism is always appreciated. Until part 3, happy wargaming!


~ by oldbloodalex on January 27, 2012.

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