A 25mm Temple City: Part 1

After a month long hiatus from the blog, it’s time to get this going at full speed! Over the holiday break, I decided to get back to my wargaming roots and pick back up on my first true wargaming love. Back when I was 11, before I even knew that there was a fantasy game published by Games Workshop, my friend took me down to a hobby shop over in Washington to introduce me to Warhammer 40,000. His uncle had shown me his latest white dwarf which was showcasing the then new 4th edition(Whenever hive fleet Leviathan was first introduced) Tyranids, and I immediately decided that they were the coolest things I had ever seen. That however, didn’t last long; the minute we walked into the hobby shop and headed for the product shelves in the back, my eyes were drawn to the small area of shelf stocked with Lizardmen. As a kid I freaking loved dinosaurs, and to be quite honest, I still do. I was ushered over to the 40k section though by my friend, who used the excuse “Nobody actually plays fantasy here, it would be pointless to play it” in order to get me to focus on 40k. Now, how many of you actually think that discouraged me one bit from getting them? Those of you who said “not a goddamn bit’ would be correct. I left that day with a box of Tyranid Gaunts and a box of Lizardmen Saurus Warriors. That of course was before I understood the concept of core force requirements and such.

So what I ended up doing over the last month is dusting off some old Lizzy models and buying some new miniatures as well. This painting blog series will be following the process of completing a new Lizardmen army that I hope will be completed within the next 6 months. The first unit up is my block of Temple Guard, simply because I love the miniatures for them; and after all, isn’t that why we all got into the wargaming hobby in the first place?

The First step was to base-coat the miniature with chaos black spray primer. This was fallowed by a coat of Regal Blue applied to the skin areas of the mini and a layer of Scab Red over the scales. These were then each given a wash; Asurmen Blue for the skin and Badab Black for the Scales. In order to help relegate the wash over the scales to just the creases, I went over with a dry-brush of Scab red in order to touch it up.

The ceremonial bone pieces fashioned to his shield, chest, and head, along with the skull on his wrist, was done with a coat of Beached Bone. This when then fallowed with a wash of Badab Black and a dry-brushing of Bleached Bone again. I like the dirtier affect that the wash gives the bone, but it is a little to dark to just be thrown on and left as is. The teeth and claws are just a simple coat of skull white, with a light wash. I am by no means a good painter and I will be the first to admit that, so for this army much the same as my other, I am just aiming for a descent table top quality paint job.

The metal armor is just a coat of Shining Gold with a dark wash to dirty it up. Simple enough for me I must say. The cloth straps holding the armor and bones to the Lizzy’s body is just a watered down layer of Astronomican Grey, followed by a a light wash of Badab Black, with a dry-brush of grey to clean it up a bit. Last but not least is the obsidian on the weapon. This is just a layer of watered down chaos black over a layer of blue, followed by a coat of gloss varnish.

And voila! The finished product at home in the well paved jungles of Lustria! As always, I love sharing my work with all of my fellow wargamers out there and I always welcome feedback to help me improve my painting. The next part will be coming your way soon, so until then, happy wargaming!


~ by oldbloodalex on January 25, 2012.

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