A 25mm Emperium: Part 2

Alrighty guys, we now return to the nerdom of Warhammer 40,000. I just got the commander of my army painted; Lord Kaldor Draigo of the Grey Knights. He took a total of around 20 hours to paint and was a jumbled mess of touch-up, after touch-up, after touch-up. I’m still trying to work out making him as simple grand master for the sake of keeping matches balanced, because for all of you who aren’t familiar with Matt Ward, he is the Games Workshop lore masochist. If an army had sensible and interesting lore before, Ward makes sure that it looses any semblance of it’s former self with every update that he is a part of. But this post isn’t about the crimes of Matt Ward, it’s about the outcome of my long hours of laboring over a small utility desk covered in paint. Here he is!

Draigo from the front. I still need to go back and touch up that Astronomican Grey on the Ice Blue bottle at his waste. It’s the underlying base coat were it chipped off during an unintentional rendezvous with my thumb nail. On a more somber note, the heraldry shield on the front of his left shoulder was rather deformed from a pretty messy miscast of the resin. A bummer, but a bearable flaw.
The shield and pauldron in all the their glory. Unfortunately however, I have been confronted with my first bad experiencing with a Citadel Finecast miniature. The crescent shaped elbow guard-ish piece of armor just above the black tubes was disfigured on the other arm. It was more like resin flash than actual miniature because it didn’t get filled in entirely during the mold casting process.
Now this was my first attempt at a lightning design on a power weapon so it could stand some improvement, but I’m rather pleased with it overall. I painted the sword Regal Blue and then dry-brushed  it with Ice Blue. After that i added the lightning which i painted in Skull White, and then applied one more overall dry-brushing of Ice Blue.
Stay tuned for Part 3!


~ by oldbloodalex on November 5, 2011.

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